Be today who you wish to be tomorrow.
— Lisa Trunkenbolz

Do you find that you lack the discipline to keep on track with a regular fitness routine? Or simply don't know how to reach your goals? Working out at a gym without understanding and focus can be discouraging, and will keep you from ever getting started.

Working closely with a qualified and experienced personal trainer will help you define your goals, perform exercises safely with correct form, create well-designed, effective workout plans, as well as stay motivated and enjoy your time in the gym.

Our Personal Trainer

Lisa Trukenbolz

Lisa Marie Trunkenbolz

NASM-CPT/CES/WLS, E-RYT 500, Reiki Master Practitioner

I have been a health and fitness fanatic for as long as I can remember, and have been a personal trainer since 2004, with experience with running my own personal training business since 2010, With each phase of my life I have been fascinated with my own ability to train my body to perform better, as well as using fitness and activity to maintain good emotional and physical health. The fascination for fitness continued to grow as I reached 30 in 2014, which is the same year I opened the personal training and yoga studios at Bloom, and discovered how vital personal fitness has been in keeping me young both physically and mentally. I found my journey in personal training as a career when I had been working as an EMT, hoping to work for a fire department. In pursuit of a part-time income while transitioning from school to career, I chose a simple personal training certification, and began to train fire fighters and others in the meantime, on a private session basis. It was during this time that I discovered my real passion and ability, and pursued certifications with the best Yoga and fitness professional certification organization in the US. I acquired deep knowledge and understanding for the body and what it needs to transform safely and effectively, and found a joy in personally tailoring wellness plans for each individual and their needs. Since then, I have fallen in love with what I do everyday. It is my goal, and my primary source of satisfaction in what I do, to watch my clients transform themselves on both physical and personal levels, and by helping them to succeed in gaining and maintaining healthy lifestyles.  I look forward to applying my knowledge as I grow within my own body and with my clients.

Today, I feel that I have accomplished a well rounded education as a certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise and Weight Loss Specialist, Experienced 500 hour Yoga teacher and Teacher Trainer, and Reiki Master. My desire to continue to learn is still strong, so the journey will surely refine and continue.

Please contact me at 630-837-4241 ext 2 for more information or to schedule your consultation

Personal Training Packages

Our Personal Training Packages offer you a variety of options to keep you on track.

Single Session             $90

Kick-Starter                $160 for 2 sessions enjoyed within 2 weeks

Five sessions                $475 to use within 60 days

Ten sessions                $920 to use within 90 days

Twelve sessions*         $1080 to use within 90 days