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Live Music and Yoga with Colin and Rebecca

Cost: $25


Rebecca Willaert is a 200hr CYT with a love for healing body, mind, and spirit. Her classes meet you exactly where you are today, but also challenge you to grow. She wants you to feel joy in all its layers when you step on your mat, but also feel comfortable to experience difficult emotion in a safe space. You'll dive deep into yourself in pranayama, asana, and meditation, but there is always room for lightheartedness and play, too. Her teaching style is mindful and incorporates tools such as visualization and mantra work.

Experimental singer-songwriter Colin Fox first discovered yoga in 2010 in an attempt to build core strength after a car accident left him with a severe spinal injury. This quickly grew into a passion as he found his practice had healing properties for both his body and his mind. The rhythms of yoga inspired Colin to create music specifically for this space, as a way to connect deeper with the practice.


Rebecca Willaert and Colin Fox’s passion for music and yoga come together in this event to create an enchanting and intuitive yoga and sound healing experience. Inspired by a mix of Tuvan and Icelandic folk music, Colin combines meditation and improvisation to create contemplative ambient music in sync with the energy of each individual class. Rebecca leads a mindful class characterized by gentle vinyasa movement taught in intuitive connection with Colin. Students are encouraged to tune into their own intuition, using Rebecca’s sequence as a guideline for their own unique movements. This event seeks to bring you in touch with the subtle energies within yourself, allowing you to honor your mind-body’s wisdom and ability to create deep inner and outer peace. Sign up for this event today for a unique meditative experience with entrancing long-form ambient music.

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